The naughty dictionnary

In order to better guide our clientele, here is an explanatory lexicon of certain misconceived libertine terms.

  • Libertine

    the one who indulges in the pleasures of the flesh (even of group sexuality) with a liberty which goes beyond the limits of conventional morality.

  • The swinging

    is a sexual practice which consists in two couples temporarily exchanging partners, during the different stages of the intercourse, towards a social and sexual relationship.

  • Trio evening

    A trio evening is an evening allowing entrance to couples, single women and single men. Of course, the club is in charge of the selection at the entry and makes sure that the evening is balanced for a moment of libertine pleasure… It is worth noting that coming as a group of three people is not mandatory.

  • Couples evening

    It is an evening exclusively limited to couples during which single women and single men are not accepted.

  • Themed evening

    During these evenings our clientele is asked to respect the dress code in order to fit in the ambiance of the evening.

  • The « mélangisme » (mixing)

    is a special form of group sexuality in which the members of a group, more or less numerous, composed of couples and / or single people, have social and sexual relations based on advanced flirtation.

  • The candaulism

    is a sexual practice in which the man feels an arousal by exposing his female partner, or an image of her, to other men or to other women. By extension, it is also called candaulism when sexual relations happen between a woman and one or several men or women, in front of the consenting and demanding look of the exclusive partner of this said woman.

  • The gangbang

    is a sexual practice in which a receptive subject has sexual relations with several partners, simultaneously or sequentially. It is a special form of group sexuality.

  • The threesome

    is a special practice of group sexuality involving three partners, in general a couple to which is added a third sexual partner. It is also called « amour à trois » or « trip à trois ».

  • The voyeurism

    is a term with a moral overtone, which describes a « voyeuristic » behavior or a trend, that is based on the attraction to observe the intimacy or the nudity of a person or a group of people in special conditions, trying to feel an enjoyment and / or an arousal from this.